My 21st Birthday.

Okay so let me tell you guys a story about June 14 2015.

This particular date happens to be my birthday, and i happen to be turning twenty-one. YAY! Happy day right? the big two-one! Well no. not happy at all really, well it started out happy. I was at my family’s house and slept in and even though I did not get any presents, which of course i could not care any less, because i was with my family and boyfriend, the day quickly took a turn for the worst.

So i come from a Mexican household, that plays in with some of the story, as in i believe so. We ate Birria that my mother had made the night before, my family ate in the “nook” in the kitchen, my boyfriend and I ate in the dining room due to lack of room in said “nook”. All was fine during and after the alleged breakfast,then came the cake…

My father had bought a delicious Tres Leches, or three milk, cake and i decided I wanted to have a go at it because I wanted cake darn it haha. my brother was asleep and Im glad he was but that’s off subject. Per Mexican tradition, i think so please do correct me if i am mistaken, once the birthday song is over you take a bite out of the cake and get your faced mashed into said cake. -sigh- now i have not ever enjoyed this but, this time:

  1. It was a soggy Tres leches cake
  2. It was a terribly small cake
  3. I was wearing a full face of make up

So when i refused multiple times my father got pissed, walked off, and started cursing me under his breath. Now  I am fine with that, I’m used to that; However, given the day i would had liked for it to be peaceful so i took my slice of cake and tried to eat it back at the dining room. My father came back and would not,for lack of better wording,shut up. We had one guest over, my mother’s best friend, my father was talking about me to her and i could clearly hear every word and…Lashed out, i guess. i got up got the keys to the car went out to the car opened the door and had me a cry. to spare more details, in short, when i came back in i found out my boyfriend said something to my father, he was still talking untasteful things now about both my boyfriend and I i got even more mad packed up my things. my mother was scared and worried so i told her i we (boyfriend and I) were going to the mall to cool off.

we came back, my father was asleep, my mom and her friend were outside talking, and i had gotten myself make up, Starbucks and time with my man for about an hour or two and that along with birthday wishes from social media were the highlight of the actual day of my birthday. I know that this was a bad story but it is still replaying in my mind and i needed to get it off my chest. Not the story i thought would be my first back up here but hey such is life.

ttyl guys, hopefully on a better note.



negative to positive

Hey all, how are you guys and gals? i hope you all are well 🙂

lately i feel a mix of sadness and positivism. I feel sad because I’m stressed and i always look at situations like they are important even though they clearly aren’t, and not to mention I’ve been negative basically my entire life. i guess you could say I’ve grown up seeing the glass as half empty. Lately, however i feel like trying to make a change in my life so i guess that’s why im writing about this.

Positivity is a hard thing to achieve especially when its never really been in your life. however, its something im trying to work on. i wont lie its hard work because normally instead of keeping to myself (my comfort zone) im actually trying to talk to people. i am used to thinking that ill never really amount to much and id always be throwing myself pity parties and frankly not enjoying anything out of life. i can honestly say i have a total of 3 friends and one of those is my boyfriend, who bless his soul is helping me through this and has been for the last four years. Now I’ve evaluated my life time and time again and noticed that this negativity has taken complete control of my life so i decided its time i kicked its butt, or DO IT.

I’ve taken a lot of my life for granted like the positives, first and for most i have a boyfriend, who ACTUALLY and TRULY cares for me and loves me. I have a roof over my head, and many other things. i think im starting to turn over a new leaf here and its making me excited i mean all ive wanted in life is to be genuinely happy, not just for the people around me but for myself.

I’m might start a new page on the subject because i feel its important to me and id like to track my progress, and if you guys are interested it’ll be there i hope you all give me feed back or that my experience helps someone. well thats all my brain will allow me to write for now, i really do hope you all are doing okay

Until next time,


P.S sorry if this post didnt make sense im brain has been juggling things lately all weird

Hair and Nail Casino

Hello again guys and gals.

How have you day been? i hope the answer is good, if not email me and we’ll talk about it. okay? ok.

So today i decided to treat myself at a place called The Hair and Nail Casino over in La Habra California. The website will be linked at the end. I personally like the process of getting my nails done and i haven’t enjoyed that relaxation for quite some time. Until today that is! I was buying Sean and I Starbucks bucks i wanted tea, i walked out and i saw the normal businesses around the complex: a Dollar Tree, a Gym, Arthur’s Breakfast..that’s when i saw it hair and nail casino. i was curious and walked in to check out the prices. At that moment i met Sandy, a kind person and co-owner, she took me in and said she could see me right away. So save to say walk-ins are welcome. As she sat me down i immediately felt like she actually cares for her customers. she offered me something to drink which i declined for the simple reason of i had my tea with me. Sandy started working and with in seconds looked at me straight in the eyes and asked, “so whats your story”? I looked at her dumbfounded for no one had ever asked me that . so as one does we started to chit chat, I noticed how soft and gentle her hands felt as she worked on my nails, i wont lie i did feel a tad of pain here and there but it was just the glue that stuck to my fingers being separated. over all it was an excellent experience accompanied by great customer service. I’m proud to say i will be going back and soon! The prices were also very affordable, $25. Here is the finished product courtesy of Sandy. Website here

FullSizeRender (1)

Love you guys,


All I need in this life of sin… -UPDATE-

Hey Guys and Gals!

Let me start by saying yes I know you know that song.. im just listening it it right now ok lol

so Lets see i wanted to let you guys know that on my baking page i decided to start off with something simple so i decided to bake some cookies, im just having trouble deciding on white macadamia or peanut butter. if you have a favorite let me know.

alrighty thats all for now but ill be back soon i hope you all have had a good day/night and continue to do so

bye now,


(P.s bob marley is life)

-p.p.s i know different artist but buffalo soldier is on right now-

Ok this isn’t healthy..

Ok guys so about two days ago I baked a chocolate (which makes it worse) cake. Mainly for this guy since I’m not a chocolate fan, I’m more white or vanilla cake.
Anyway, It’s currently 4:30 am and I woke up to use the restroom and I got a HUGE hankering for that cake.
So I now I find myself typing this with not just a piece of cake, as I had originally planned, but a giant piece of cake (almost half is gone, I know) topped with cherry chip ice cream! And that was topped with some condensed milk! It’s insane!
But now I’m in my room taking bites of this monster and I know I can’t finish this and I have no idea what compelled me to do all this I really don’t want anymore…
I would show you guys a picture but I just tried to take one and a) it’s dark and b) my phone almost fell into the concoction. So sorry no picture… I’m going to go either put this in the fridge or throw it out… Alright guys talk to you later..

What have I done..,


Heroes pt.2

Hi Everyone!

How Are you all?? We are watching heroes again and i love it still things are hitting the fan and its just some roller coaster right. That’s all i have for now, off to prepare dinner.



RWBY (Pronounced Ruby)

Hi everyone, how are you all? i hope you are all doing well. Tonight I am watching a new anime that i previously followed (when it first came out) maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called RWBY. It’s creator is Monty Oum you can find his twitter account [here] i highly suggest you follow him. Now that you’ve done that, you are welcome lol. Now back to RWBY, some people i.e a couple friends of mine, don’t really like the animation or the quality of it but frankly i quite like it, its interesting. That’s all I’m saying on the animation because it really depends on your preference. Now the characters, Ruby Rose is the main character, she is about 15, and has the personality of a fangirl in all honesty. she gets into beacon academy which she attends with her sister Yang. Ruby’s weapon of choice is crescent rose, which she forged herself. she becomes the leader of team RWBY and they are all studying to become huntresses and hunters. It seems the antagonists it seems at this point are the White Fang a group of faunus, people that posses physical animal traits, such as ears and tails. That is all i can say for now because I’m still watching the show, I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.



Take care, until next time friends 🙂


So me and This guy (refer to earlier post.) are watching this old show from a couple years back and so far i like the first season. i like the evolution of certain characters. Now we are starting the second season, i heard its not as good but im willing to give it a try anyway. i dont know what else to tell you all but i am trying my best to keep this website, so many things i have planned to right about 🙂 soon


Testing testing one two three

Okay so I’ve been trying to upload a dang post since new year and hopefully this one actually goes through. If so great! 😀 if not ugggggh what is air! (Don’t answer that >.> hands away from the key board, you sassy sarcastic fellow human) anyway hopefully it goes through

I wish you all had a great new year! (Sorry so late D: )

Optimistically Yours,